Pool Policies

Pool and Pavilion Policies
We are currently in PHASE THREE, with policies linked on the left

1. The pool and pavilion are for the use of pool members and their guests.  

2. Check in with a form of identification will be required upon arriving at the pool for each visit. The check in station is located at Gate B to the left side of the Clubhouse. Failure to comply may result in loss of pool access privileges. Allowing access to a non‐member or non‐represented guest may result in revocation of membership.

3.Family Memberships are allowed two (2) guests at any time free of charge. An Individual Member may bring one (1) guest.  Out of town guest passes for Family Memberships are available for purchase for Five Dollars ($5.00) per visitor, per visit. Please contact the head lifeguard on duty or the Management Company for details. ALL GUESTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A MEMBER. Swim Team Pool Memberships do not have guest privileges (including that other family members).

4. Pool staff are authorized to take any action deemed necessary, including removal of disruptive people from the premises. Please respect their authority. Parents are expected at all times to accompany and supervise their children.

5. Members and guests use the facilities at their own risk. The Clubhouse at Farmington, including its agents and/or assigns are not responsible for any accidents/injuries occurring on premises.
6. Members eleven (11) years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult or an individual at least sixteen (16 ) years of age.

7. Running, diving, performing ‘flips’, and rough play are NOT permitted in the pool area. The use of small floats, balls, and playing of games within the pool are at the discretion of the lifeguard. Water guns or any type of water shooter and large floats will not be allowed as they can be a safety hazard and/or hinder the lifeguard’s ability to monitor the pool.  Over-sized floats are not permitted.

8. No one is allowed in the pool with infectious diseases or open wounds.

9. No one is permitted in the pool office, except with the permission of the Pool Manager or head lifeguard on duty.

10. The following things are NOT allowed in the pool and/or pavilion area (s): glass containers, animals, sharp objects, radios or electric appliances emitting music or sound openly without the use of headphones, weapons, chewing gum, sidewalk chalk, fireworks, illegal substances, any hazardous item or material.

11. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted within the pool area and/or pavilion by those of legal age. Glass containers or kegs are prohibited.
12. The wading pool is intended for use of children age four (4) and under who are accompanied into the wading pool area by an adult.

13. All patrons must wear proper swimsuits in order to enter the pool. Articles of clothing are not suitable for swimming.

14. Anyone requiring the use of diapers must wear a swim diaper or refrain from using the pool.  Diapers are on sale from pool staff.

15. Please be considerate of others and limit use of the lounge chairs to one (1) per person.

16. Please keep chairs away from side of the pool, pool ladders, and the pool stairs to avoid injury while entering and exiting the pool.

17. Please dispose of food and drinks properly and do not leave them unattended.

18. Please use the shower located in the locker rooms to rinse off any sweat or dirt before entering the pool.

19. In order to reserve the pavilion, members must complete the Pool/Pavilion Party Reservation form at least 48 hours in advance. This is to ensure that an appropriate number of lifeguards are on hand and that appropriate facilities are available.  This policy applies to any combination of FARMINGTON residents, non‐resident members, and guests.

20. Loitering in the Clubhouse parking lot is not permitted. If the parking lot is full, please park along the side of Helmsdale Drive. The parking lot closes at 10:00 pm. Anyone entering or parking in the Clubhouse parking lot after that time may be considered trespassing and subject to arrest.  Vehicles, trailers, and boats are not permitted in the parking lot overnight.  

21.Disorderly conduct in or around the pool facility, or any other FARMINGTON common areas,may be dealt with by calling the Sheriff’s department.

22. On duty lifeguards and pool monitors have full discretion to close the pool in the interest of health and safety.