COVID Pool Rules (Phase Two)

2020 Pool Rules for Phase Two

Safety Guidelines at Farmington Pool

Pool Hours: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM   (Subject to change if necessary)

Lap Swimming Only Hours: 9:00-10:00 AM & 8:00 PM-9:00 PM

In alignment with regulations from the Health Department, CDC, and local, federal, and state government, Farmington Pool will open in Phase Two for “lap swimming, diving, exercise, and instruction.”  When Virginia progresses into Phase Three, it is anticipated that recreational swimming will resume.    


  • Only one person or one family is recommended in the bathrooms at a time

 Drinking Fountain

  • Drinking fountain will be covered and off
  • Water bottles will be available for purchase at $1 each

Lounge Chairs and Tables

  • Placed and grouped 10 feet apart 
  • Members must cover the chair with a large towel
  • All members are responsible to clean their own furniture
  • Members return chairs or lounges to original location upon leaving

 Guest Policy 

  • NO GUESTS at this time

Later this summer, we may allow guests - subject to further restrictions at any time

Flotation Devices 

  • NO FLOATS at this time – no noodles, no blow-up floats
  • Only Coast Guard approved life jackets and kick boards

 Lifeguard Responsibilities

  • Ensures that members are using the pool safely and following the rules
  • Serves as a first responder and provides first aid when needed
  • Completes hourly sanitation of identified items

 Pool Monitor Responsibilities

  • Checks identification each visit to verify Farmington Pool Membership
  • Ensures all members sign in and follow pool regulations
  • Completes hourly sanitation of identified items

 NOTE:  Staff has the authority to remove anyone who is not following the rules

 Pavilion Rentals

  • The Pavilion will be available for rental in Phase Three. All rental requests need prior approval in consideration of the total number of guests, time of day, availability of staff, and the current Local, State and Federal Mandates

Link to Pool Sign Up Sheet